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Parts Manual Massey Ferguson TE-20 tractor download

Henry George "Harry" Ferguson (4 November 1884 -- 25 October 1960) was an Irish engineer and inventor that is mentioned for his role inside development of the current farming tractor, for becoming 1st Irishman to construct and fly his own aeroplane, as well as developing the initial four-wheel drive Formula One vehicle, the Ferguson P99. Today their title life on inside title of Massey Ferguson providers.
When you look at the 1900s the young Harry Ferguson became captivated by the recently rising tech of powered personal trip and specifically using exploits associated with the Wright brothers, the United states aviation pioneers which made initial airplane trip in 1903 in new york, United States Of America. In britain, the very first ever suffered powered flight ended up being built in October 1908 by the United states aviator Samuel Franklin Cody, while the very first Briton to complete powered journey in the united kingdom ended up being John Moore-Brabazon in-may 1909, but this had not yet become realized in Ireland. Ferguson started to create an interest in the mechanics of flying and travelled to several atmosphere programs, like exhibitions in 1909 at Blackpool and Rheims where he took records associated with build of very early aircraft. Harry convinced his sibling they should try to establish an aircraft at their Belfast workshop and working from Harry's notes, they labored on the style of airplane, the Ferguson monoplane.

After making many adjustment and progress, they transported their brand new plane by towing they behind a car or truck through roads of Belfast as much as Hillsborough Park to help make their first attempt at journey. These were to start with thwarted by propeller dilemma but continued to help make technical alterations into airplane. After a delay of nearly a week brought on by inclement weather, the Ferguson monoplane finally shot to popularity from Hillsborough on 31 December 1909. Harry Ferguson became 1st Irishman to travel as well as the very first citizen regarding the United Kingdom to create and fly his or her own aeroplane

The Ferguson TE20 try an agricultural tractor designed by Harry Ferguson. By far his most successful design, it was manufactured from 1946 until 1956, and ended up being popularly known as the small Grey Fergie. It really is light-weight but efficient, and a favorite collector's items for lovers today.
The model title originated in Tractor, The united kingdomt 20 horse power (not the actual energy delivered but from a formula based on system size).

The TE array of Ferguson tractors ended up being launched in England in 1946, following 30 years of continuous development of 'The Ferguson program' from 1916. The initial services would be to layout a plough and linkage to incorporate the tractor having its work with a way which was an engineering full. The automated controls system is currently employed by the majority of tractor makers global. A British patent had been sent applications for by Harry Ferguson in 1925 and issued here seasons.

By the very early 1930s the linkage design is finalised and it is now followed as worldwide traditional group I. only one prototype Ferguson program tractor, referred to as Ferguson Black, was developed to further technical developing and for demonstrating to prospective makers. During 1936 1st manufacturing Ferguson tractors had been built-in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, because of the David Brown Company. This tractor, the Ferguson design 'A', incorporated Harry Ferguson's 'suction part' hydraulic controls program, the key to resolving delicate automated control of three-point attached executes and patented on 5 February 1936 (patent no 470069). The combination of Ferguson's converging three point hitch, patented on 3 July 1928 (patent no 320084) along with his 'suction side control' valve is key into success of all subsequent Ferguson and soon after Massey Ferguson 'Ferguson program' tractors, the main which will be the TE and TO 20 versions. (it absolutely was the production of the Model 'the' that led in 1939 into David Brown distinct tractors).

In order to get amount production with lower outlay, after a demonstration of his tractor before Henry Ford Senior in October 1938, Ferguson made a men's agreement or also called the handshake arrangement with Ford to produce the Ferguson tractor in Detroit starting in mid-1939. About 300,000 among these tractors, referred to as 'Ford Fergusons', had been produced to 30 June 1947.

After falling out in clumps along with his sibling over the protection and upcoming of aviation Ferguson went they alone, plus in 1911 launched an organization selling Maxwell, celebrity and Vauxhall vehicles and Overtime Tractors.

Ferguson saw in the beginning give the weakness of experiencing tractor and plough as separate articulated units, and in 1917 he created a plough that may be rigidly mounted on a Model T Ford car---the Eros, which became a small success, contending with the design F Fordson.

In 1917 Ferguson satisfied with Charles E. Sorensen while Sorensen was at England scouting production internet sites the Fordson tractor. They discussed types of hitching the implement toward tractor in order to cause them to a unit (rather than towing the implement like a trailer). In 1920 and 1921 Ferguson demonstrated very early variations of their three-point linkage on Fordsons at Cork at Dearborn. Ferguson and Henry Ford talked about placing the Ferguson system of hitch and executes onto Fordson tractors in the factory, but no bargain was hit. The hitch was mechanical at that time. Ferguson and his group of longtime colleagues, including Willie Sands and Archie Greer, quickly created a hydraulic version, that has been patented in 1926. After 1 or 2 false starts, Ferguson ultimately launched the Ferguson-Sherman Inc., with Eber and George Sherman. The brand new enterprise manufactured the Ferguson plough integrating the complex "Duplex" hitch program mainly designed for the Fordson "F" tractor. After a few most many years of developing, Ferguson's new hydraulic type of the three-point linkage was first seen on their model Ferguson "Black", now inside technology Museum, Kensington, London. A production version of the "Ebony" was launched in May 1936, made at among David Brown industrial facilities in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and designated Ferguson Model A tractor. In 1938, Ferguson's passion were combined with those of David Brown junior to developed the Ferguson-Brown Company.

In October 1938, Ferguson demonstrated his most recent tractor to Henry Ford at Dearborn, and made the greatest "handshake agreement". Ferguson took with him their most recent patents cover future improvements into the Ferguson tractor and it is these that generated the Ford-Ferguson 9N introduced into world on 29 June 1939. The 1938 arrangement meant that the Ferguson tractor should also be made in britain at the Ford Ltd factory at Dagenham, Essex but Ford didn't have complete controls at Dagenham and, while Ford Ltd performed import US-made 9N/2Ns, Dagenham failed to render any.

Henry Ford II, Ford's grandson, concluded the handshake deal on 30 Summer 1947, following unsuccessful negotiations with Ferguson, but proceeded to produce a tractor, the 8N, including Ferguson's inventions, the patents on almost all of which had not however expired, and Ferguson ended up being kept without a tractor to market in North America. Ferguson's effect is case demanding compensation for injury to their company and for Ford's unlawful using his styles. The actual situation had been satisfied from courtroom in April 1952 for over million. The legal situation price your approximately half of that and many tension and ill-health.

By 1952, the majority of the crucial Ferguson patents had expired, and also this allowed Henry Ford II to claim that the case hadn't limited Ford's strategies in excess. It uses that all society's more tractor manufacturers may also make use of Ferguson's inventions, that they duly performed.

A year later Ferguson combined with Massey Harris to become Massey-Harris-Ferguson Co, later Massey Ferguson.
Through the war years the Ferguson design staff created many improvements to both tractor and implements and started initially to arrange for the money to manufacture in the United Kingdom. The agreement with Ford in 1938 would be to incorporate production at Ford plant at Dagenham, Essex, nevertheless British Ford company wouldn't get it done. By 1945 Ferguson have made a manufacturing contract utilizing the Standard Motor Company of Coventry to create a Ferguson tractor incorporating all their current improvements and to become referred to as TE20. Including allowing Ferguson getting their tractor into full manufacturing, the deal was of good advantage to Standard while the tractor would-be built in their big 'shadow factory' which had been an aero system plant during globe War II but was now standing vacant and had been not good as to what ended up being a comparatively little vehicle providers. Standard developed a unique wet-liner system the tractor, which will subsequently be applied in Traditional's path vehicles, such as the Vanguard.

Production were only available in the late summer of 1946, almost per year prior to the final Ford Ferguson came from the line in Detroit in June 1947. The break with Ford remaining Harry Ferguson and his US business with implements to market but no tractors. To produce within the space through to the newer Ferguson factory in Detroit were only available in October 1948, significantly more than 25,000 Coventry-built TE20s were delivered to your United States Of America and Canada. The TO (Tractor Overseas) 20 ended up being virtually exactly like the TE20 with a Continental system Z-126 engine fitted as opposed to the standard system.

Coventry manufacturing to 1956 is 517,651 products, with about 66percent becoming exported, mainly to Continental European countries as well as the British kingdom but to a lot of more countries besides. Toward earlier figure should be put into manufacturing at Ferguson Park, Detroit. Including all 'Ferguson System' tractors from May 1936 to July 1956 brings the figure to more or less 1 million.

Harry Ferguson joined their global businesses with Massey-Harris of Toronto in July 1953, 36 months before TE and TO20 production ended, thus the change of title regarding the serial dish to 'Massey-Harris-Ferguson'. The Ferguson 35 replaced the old-line in the US in 1955 while the TE20 in britain in 1956; production in the UK starting in September of that 12 months following re-tooling associated with factory. Harry Ferguson remained Chairman of Massey Harris Ferguson until 1957, as he left-over a quarrel throughout the Ferguson TE60 or LTX task as it is known well. He continuing their pastime of rushing and arranged Harry Ferguson Studies, which produced the P99 Race vehicles, which won the Uk Grand Prix in 1961. Harry Ferguson later aided the introduction of the 4-wheel-drive program that was utilized in the Land Rover, while he made cars with much earlier just after globe War I.

He died at their homes (Abbotswood, Stow in the Wold) on 25 October 1960 because a barbiturate overdose; it had been never understood if it had been deliberate or not.
Because of Dagenham's failure to make the tractors, Harry Ferguson made a deal with Sir John Black associated with traditional Motor providers to refit their armaments factory at Banner Lane, Coventry. Creation of modern Ferguson tractor, the TE20, started in the autumn of 1946, over 20,800 TEs being built because of the end of 1947.

To fill the gap in Ferguson's selling in the US, a huge number of TEs are sent over from England.
Harry Ferguson Inc
the Ferguson P99 racing automobile

Creation of a people variation, the TE20, begun at an innovative new plant, possessed by Harry Ferguson Inc, in October 1948, leaving the UK plant to produce the remainder world.

Ferguson's study division went on to produce numerous cars and tractors, including the very first Formula One four-wheel-drive vehicles the very first TE20s went on petrol until 1949 whenever TVO tractor was released including the standard system as very early TE20s utilized a continental Z-120. There have been later versions that ran on tractor vapourising oils (TVO), sometimes labeled as petrol-paraffin or power kerosene. Some are converted in britain to utilize a 3-cylinder Perkins diesel system.

TE endured for Tractor England.
TO endured for Tractor Overseas.

Between 1948 and 1951, the TO20 with a Continental motor is built-in Detroit, Michigan. We were holding constructed with the Z120 motors. TO30s had been additionally built in Michigan with Z-129 engines. Production stopped in 1954.

Products and production ages:

TE-20 Continental Z-120 petrol system 1946--48
TEA-20 traditional Motor team petrol engine 1947--56
TEB-20 Continental Z-120 petrol engine -- slim wheelbase 1946--48
TEC-20 Standard 20S petrol -- Narrow 1948--56
TED-20 TVO Standard 20S TVO motor 1949--56
TEE-20 TVO -- Slim 1949--56
TEF-20 diesel 1951--56
TEH-20 lamp-oil system 1950--56
TEJ-20 lamp oil system -- Narrow 1950--56
TEK-20 petrol -- Vineyard 1952--56
TEL-20 TVO -- Vineyard 1952--56
TEM-20 lamp oil -- Vineyard 1952--56
TEP-20 petrol -- Industrial 1952--56
TER-20 TVO -- Industrial 1952--56
TES-20 lamp-oil -- Industrial 1952--56
TET-20 Diesel -- Industrial 1952--56

Massey Ferguson, Advertising Lane, Coventry. One of the car areas at the front associated with the website is (2005) however used as a demonstration region for gear carrying the Massey Ferguson brand name, although it is no longer made on this website

517,651 TE20 tractors of most products were built at advertising Lane, Coventry. In mid-1953 Ferguson combined with Massey-Harris to be Massey-Harris-Ferguson. The brand new company carried on both Massey Harris and Ferguson companies until December 1957, when it became Massey-Ferguson. The latest FE35 ended up being launched in October 1956 in grey and gold livery and became the purple and grey MF35 on Smithfield tv show in December 1957.
The colloquial term "Ferguson 28" might be found in Australia and brand new Zealand for later different types of the TE-20 including the petrol TEA-20 and diesel TEF-20. "Ferguson 28" never become the official tractor design designation. Initially the TE20 had the 'Continental' Z120 23HP system, as performed the Detroit-built TO20 introduced annually later on. The 80 mm bore 'Standard' petrol motor had been phased in in mid-1947 whilst the TEA-20, about 3,000 associated with the 20,500 tractors created to 31 December 1947 being TEA-20s. After the development of the 85 mm bore TED-20 in April 1949, the petrol motor has also been fashioned with an 85 mm bore, which enhanced their power to only over 28 hp. The definition of "Fergie 28" refers to the moderate horsepower associated with the subsequent range of tractors. To benefit from standing of the later systems inside used tractor marketplace, the 23HP TE-20 can be advertised simply as TE-20; only really hardly ever can it be referred to in Australian Continent as a "Ferguson 23". In North America the 'Standard' petrol-engined TEA-20s with all the 85 mm bore are recognized and promoted as TE-2085s.
A blue plaque commemorating Ferguson is mounted on the Ulster Bank building in Donegall Square, Belfast, the previous web site of his showroom. A granite memorial was erected to Ferguson's pioneering trip on the North Promenade, Newcastle, and a full-scale replica associated with the Ferguson monoplane and an earlier Ferguson tractor and plough is visible in the Ulster people and Transport Museum at Cultra.

Ferguson was commemorated in 1981 when he showed up on stamps issued by the Irish post-office in Republic of Ireland. In Northern Ireland, Danske lender (formerly Northern Bank) issues its 20 sterling notes which keep a portrait of Ferguson alongside a Ferguson tractor.

In 2008 the Harry Ferguson Memorial gardens were officially launched, opposite your house he lived-in, just outside Dromara, Co. Down. A life-size bronze sculpture of Ferguson by John Sherlock was erected in the outdoors depicting Ferguson leaning on a fence surveying the scene. The home gardens is available to the general public.

The University of Ulster opened the Harry Ferguson manufacturing town (18 February 2004) in the Jordanstown university in recognition of the contribution created by him to engineering and innovation in Ireland.

The technology Museum in London has on display one of Harry Ferguson's prototype tractors completed in 1935 as part of its history of agriculture exhibition, like ideas panels detailing his role in revolutionising the use of the farm tractor and its affect the introduction of modern agriculture.

There was a monument in Wentworth at junction of this Darling and Murray streams in Australia commemorating the full time in 1956 when both canals overloaded and a fleet of little grey Fergies was familiar with create levee financial institutions to truly save the city.
Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Journey

A fleet of seven Ferguson TE-20s were used on the 1955--58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic journey which was led by Edmund Hillary. Four petrol-engined and three diesel designs were utilized. Some were supplied as half-tracks, with steerable front side skis, whilst others of this brand new Zealand group had been fitted with an extra wheel for each part and full caterpillar tracks, produced by the journey in Antarctic. Both in instances, the track kits had been easily detachable as well as in light problems the tractors were used on standard wheels and tyres. A canvas cabin had been added for windproofing. Apart from this, the tractors are completely standard -- two had been even installed with a standard farmyard hydraulic front-loader for loading and unloading equipment. States are made at regular intervals to your Ferguson company that reveal the tractors to possess become dependable and effective -- being effective at climbing a 1-in-7 pitch of "hard polished ice in which a man cannot walk without crampons", including operating in circumstances of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Under Hillary these tractors are driven to the South Pole, getting the very first motors to be driven towards pole, and the very first overland trip on pole since Captain Scott. The tractors were kept at pole for the using US researchers. The tractors used by Hillary's party had been later on repatriated to New Zealand and it is on screen as well as other British Trans-Antarctic Expedition automobiles when you look at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, unique Zealand.

One diesel (TEF-20) instance, TEF320709 generally Betsy, attained a spot inside Guinness guide of Records in-may 2003 whenever Terry Williams drove it 3,176 miles (5,111 kilometer) round the coast of Britain, getting the record when it comes to longest journey undertaken by tractor. Betsy had been contributed into company of Ferguson traditions group in 2004, and may be observed on show at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming in York.
A TEA-20 is seen from the brand new Zealand five-dollar note. The note, featuring Sir Edmund Hillary in the obverse (front side), has actually the tractors from the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic journey in history at bottom-left corner of the note, next to the clear fern. You're in addition portrayed on a unique Zealand .50 postage stamp as part of some five commemorating the life span of Sir Edmund Hillary, released in 2008.

A TE20 may be the star of a TV show for preschool children, "the tiny gray Fergie", premiered in britain on 17 October 2013. The show is based on the Norwegian youngsters' facts and television show Den lille traktoren Grtass.

The Norwegian garments brand name Moods of Norway utilizes a TE20 silhouette in its logo design.

Harry Ferguson's model tractor with 3-point linkage, weight transference and hydraulic control over implements, like automated level controls, completed in 1935 in Belfast, and referred to as 'Ferguson Ebony'. A lot more than any kind of single developing, this creation revolutionised the employment of the farm tarctor, and nearly all subsequent designs posses included their design principles. The plough shown along with it is believed becoming one of the first two furrow ploughs made after globe War II to check the release regarding the TE20 and all sorts of their variations. It had been the TE20, descendant regarding the 'Ebony Tractor', which became a common sight on farms throughout Britain into the 1940s and early 1950s, while the executes designed for it, represented the total flowering regarding the Ferguson System.

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